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These are our top 4 computer services that we provide daily.  Please contact us for additional services that you may need.

Computer Repairs – PC Maintenance – Data Recovery


Weber’s Computer Service offers quality repairs on all makes and models of computers and laptops at competitive rates –including hardware repairs, Operating System problems, application issues, or upgrades. Whether you are an individual, freelancer, student, independent sales rep, or a small business, Weber’s Computer Repair Service technicians can get your computer up and running – and back to you quickly, without “breaking the bank.”

  • Provide technical support for customers on-site, via phone and remote access
  • Have over 500 customers that use me on a regular basis with new customers daily
  • Setting a new standard for technical support in the D/FW area in on-site for
    experience and affordability

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Computer Hardware and Software Upgrades


Do you have an older computer system (5 years or LESS)? Would you like to upgrade your Memory, Hard drive, CDROM drive or Windows Operating system? The Gadget Guys can give your old computer system NEW LIFE by upgrading its internal and external components and software.

We fix it right, for a price that’s actually less than buying a new one, and since we keep your equipment right here in Dallas, we can usually turn it around in a couple days or so. We don’t replace the Motherboard if a simple power jack replacement will fix the problem.

Call Weber’s Computer Services for
ALL your Computer Needs!!

Computer Virus and Malware Removal


  • Slow startup or performance
  • No response
  • Hardware problems
  • Computer crashing
  • Missing files
  • Inaccessible disk drives
  • Extra files and pop-ups
  • Unusual error messages or gibberish

We all know malware is out there. Malware includes applications that spy on you, corrupt your data, destroy your hard drive or give control of your machine to someone thousands of miles away. No matter what form it takes, it’s bad business. And since there are a lot of examples of malware in the wild, it may only be a matter of time before you become the victim of a malware attack.

Many times annoying malware pop-up screens are benign in nature. Quite often, I can remove these nuisances using manual methods as opposed to doing a full virus or spyware scan. The removal techniques vary from one scenario to the next. It all depends on the nature of the problem. This usually works well with one or a handful of infections.

With a larger number of viruses and spyware, it will typically involve more work. In this scenario, the PC is usually malfunctioning to such an extreme that a part of the Windows operating system has probably been damaged or comprised. The only option left at this point is to first back up all the files and folders that need to be saved for future restoration. I have data transfer cables to easily facilitate this. After a new, viable Windows installation has been placed on the hard drive, the previously backed up files and folders will be restored to the computer.

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Home and Office Networking


Computer Network and internet communication conceptNetworking done correctly can be a wonderful thing. If you don’t know technical terms like IP addresses, subnet masks, VPNs, VLANS, and routing tables, then you may want to have one of our IT Professionals set up your network! Ongoing network maintenance and server monitoring is widely considered to be a best practice among all successful companies.

IT Consultation & Planning

Any growing business relies heavily on dependable and secure computers (free from virus/spyware) in order to be successful. Unfortunately, budget restrictions only allow for critical break/fix computer repair instead of a more proactive, managed service approach. We have fully automated, managed computer services available that can make your PC workstations run efficiently, securely and more dependable.

Home Networking

Do you have more than one computer in your home and want them all to connect to the internet? Are you looking to connect your laptop wirelessly so you can move around your home free? The Gadget Guys can setup and configure a secure wireless network as to allow for your wireless devices to share files and your high-speed internet connection freely with no wires!

Backup Services

Backup solutions to DVD, tape or external hard drive, are a very critical support service that any size business needs to survive in case of a system or equipment failure. We can tailor a Data Backup Solution that is right to protect your data from being lost. Off-Site backup solutions coming soon!

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