Should I get Windows 10?


All retail outlets have Windows 10 available on all new PCs since 7/29/15.

Windows 10 has been on the market for over a year now. The original version is referred to as Build 1511 and the Anniversary build (that released in August 2016) is Build 1607.

There is a Creator Build in development that will add 3D features to the next generation of software that will be coming out in 2017.

Some Linux developers are starting to request Microsoft Surface Pros as their next replacement laptop (that’s significant). All Surface devices are Windows 10.

Larger hard drives (above 2TB) are usable with Windows 10.  Many of the new devices and printers are available with Windows 10 drivers. The only hesitation some people have is their line of business applications or home offices haven’t approved the use of Windows 10 yet.  For those customers, I send them to Microcenter where you can still obtain Windows 7, if required.

Personally, I’m happy with Windows 10 and it’s speed.  When I was testing it against Windows 7- it performed faster and recently, it’s been much easier to update than Windows 7/8.1 which is requiring more time to apply the 230+ post SP1 updates. (Hint: Microsoft – all these updates need a Service Pack. Can we get a Service Pack 2 for Windows 7 or 8.1?)

At this time, I’m recommending Windows 10 over Windows 7, unless their is a specific business requirement that you must use Windows 7. Besides, some of those Windows 7 machines are starting to get 5-6 years old now and approaching hardware replacement time. Usually you can find a manufacture date stamped on the inside of most desktops or look up an original configuration date via a Service Tag number on Dell’s website. Check your hard drives, too, since many of those have about a 3-5 year life expectancy. Besides, we can quickly clone that drive to a larger, newer drive.

Typically, after 3 to 5 years your computer will slip into it’s own technology dinosaur era. It’s OK to upgrade your business computers to stay current on software and technology. Be sure to responsibly recycle your old electronics (check your city for available electronics recycling options).  Many electronics stores, like Best Buy, Office Depot and Target have recycling options available.

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