Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Versions and Upgrades

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?
Many corporations still have Windows 7, which will be supported until 2020. If your line of business applications are Windows 10 aware and your hardware is less than three years old, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10. I still recommend checking your computer vendor’s website for Windows 10 compatibility.
How much longer will Microsoft Windows XP be supported?

The official cut-off for Windows XP was April 8, 2014. We recommend taking these computers off the Internet and replacing them with newer hardware. They are no longer Internet safe!

What is the best way to move to Windows 10?

First, make a list of your applications. Back up all your data to an external hard drive. Make note of your email settings, product keys and passwords.

Upgrade existing hardware with your Windows 10 upgrade (if compatible). Then begin copying data to your new Windows 10 machine. Any applications will need to be reinstalled, email settings will need to be re-entered, and any product keys will need to be reentered to reinstall applications.

Please contact me if you have questions or if you need help.


What should I do about backups?
External hard drives are the most convenient and inexpensive, but tend to stay close to the system which doesn’t help with fire, flood, or theft. If you use external drives, consider getting two and alternate one off-site each week. For most people, I’m recommending Carbonite because they forget to back up. Carbonite also helps protect against ransom-ware.
What about on-line backups? Are they worth it?
Carbonite, Mozy, CrashPlan, and iDrive are options for backing up your data to “The Cloud” (the Internet).Carbonite has been added as a link from our website to help people find it. They offer the combination of a local hard drive for quick restoration of the operating system and applications, plus the online backup of current data – this is your quickest way back to “up and running.”

Internet Browsers

Which Internet browser is best?

Last comparison ranking, September 2016, had Chrome at 72%, Firefox at 16% and IE at 5%. Source  I just recommend a backup browser in case your primary browser fails.

Internet Explorer is what Windows comes with and is needed to update Windows. In Windows 10, it is available via the Search option by typing “iexplore.” Right click on the search result to add it to the toolbar.

Firefox continues to be a good browser choice. I recommend the add-in called “AdBlock Plus.”

Google Chrome continues to be the most popular browser.


How can I see a review or provide a review for various service providers?

Two social sites to look at are Yelp (to see reviews for various providers) and Google +1 “Google Plus One” (to give a review of a service provider).

Social Media

How should I use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and my web page?

The best explanation of how to use each of the social sites is to think of your website as your public face. Everything on this site should be professional, business related and to the point.

Facebook is your social outlet for personal items. You can also have a business Facebook account. Be sure to keep these two separate and remember to not post anything you shouldn’t (think of your mom, would she be pleased or offended).
LinkedIn is your professional reference Rolodex. People or customers can comment about you professionally. Manage your profile and link with people you network with.

Twitter is your opportunity to comment and have followers. The goal is to have followers that value your comments and consider you a subject matter expert. Comments are limited to 140 characters per comment. Key point with social media – manage your time wisely, it can become a time suck. I suggest either before or after your normal business hours, but don’t let it consume your productive hours.

Best New Business Tool

Best new business tool that people don’t know about?
Using the camera on your smartphone to document product key, router password, anything you’d have to jot down or that you can’t reach or see.

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