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In August of 2008, Mark Weber decided to use his 20+ years of knowledge and experience to start Weber’s Computer Services to help individuals and small businesses that didn’t have an IT guy.

Mark Weber, Weber's ComputingMy mission statement:
“Leave a wake of happy customers
– the rest takes care of itself!”

With a degree in business management from Oklahoma State University, I realized early that the PC was to become my “toolbox” for running businesses. Having an interest in electronics, I looked into building my own PC via an evening course. The instructor came in, began taking apart the computer, and at that moment (in 1987) I realized there was nothing in that box that scared me.

Due to the availability of financing for my first computer through a credit union at my place of employment, my first IBM compatible computer was an AST 286 with a 40MB hard drive, 1MB of RAM and a monochrome (amber) monitor. I began with three programs to begin learning this new system (Lotus 123, WordPerfect 5.1 and dBase III – an additional $900 software cost to my computer). Total cost: $2300! It took over a year to pay for that computer! (just for reference, your smartphone can do more!)

Working through the various manuals and using a computer every day, I started to learn. I began reading books and manuals every day. I also learned that my interests were not in programming, but in helping others and explaining how to make the computer work for them. A tech support person had been born.

After supporting various applications for PCs, including ACT!, Lotus Smart Suite for OS/2, and various other software titles available in 1997 for businesses – a friend from Microsoft called. I was hired and supported several versions of Microsoft Office and primarily Outlook for the next 7½ years. I also added industry certifications to my experience and earned CompTIA A+, Server+, my Microsoft MCSE for Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 – plus the Cisco CCNA certification by the end of my Microsoft era.

After Microsoft, I worked for a Microsoft Partner in Plano, Texas, where I supported telephony applications and hardware in servers. My last year there, I moved from a technical support role into Manufacturing Engineering where I documented the steps in building a server by the integration lab.

After more than ten years working full-time on my own – I continue to help new customers every day, I feel I’m doing what I should be doing and what I do best.

Best regards,
Mark Weber, Owner


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